The year 2020 is finally coming to a close, and the holiday season is finally in full swing. Despite the panic brought about by the pandemic earlier this year, many customers are still anticipating your small business’s products and services this holiday season! That means you need to find ways to market effectively and gain much-needed support to help your business bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. But what about small business marketing techniques?

This article will discuss the four practical small business marketing techniques. Take this as an opportunity to take advantage of the festive season hype and stimulate enough business activity to get ready for next year!

1. Request support from your friends and family

A little free self-promotion never hurt anyone, and that should be your attitude when you talk about your small business with your family and friends. They are your primary target to get more prospective customers—and who knows, you may even get them talking about your business enough to attract those holiday sales!

For example, let’s say you are running a small food business selling vegan cookies in Charlotte. You can request your friends and family to share your social media posts, particularly your holiday sale promotions and new products. That way, you can gain organic customer engagement going and build your customer base!

2. Share pamphlets and business cards

One of the key advantages to having a small business is you can foster real, authentic relationships with your customers and investors. It means you can market your products and services effectively without the need for professional sales talk. All you need to do is hand them your small business’s pamphlets and a business card. Don’t forget to say thank you and happy holidays!

These marketing materials can help you gain homegrown customers and increase your local sales to enable your business’s quick expansion into other ventures!

3. Invest in a business website

You need a spot online that you can call yours, and you can do so effectively when you invest in a business website. It’s an avenue for you to gain online sales and take advantage of digital marketing tools, like search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

Investing in a business website also allows you to take advantage of Google’s marketing tools, such as Google My Business and geotagging. That’s because having a designated online space for your small business is a plus for the search engine algorithms! Through it, you can expect increased customer traffic and online sales. Just remember to stay consistent with staying on top of the search results!

4. Join small business online platforms

As a small business owner, you have access to other co-entrepreneurs and concerned local parties who want to empower your company. However, you may not know where to start finding these partnerships. The best way to do so is to begin online by looking for small business platforms that are legitimate avenues for you to increase your market presence even after the holiday shopping season!

For example, the City of Charlotte has set up an online platform dedicated to local small businesses in their immediate area tailored to boost economic growth. Check out their Meet Charlotte campaign and stay tuned for further information on small business opportunities!


Running a small business amidst a pandemic has been challenging. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of effective marketing strategies and useful information to increase sales and your customer base. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and launch your festive marketing campaigns today!

Are you a small business in Charlotte? Join the City of Charlotte’s Open for Business platform—an online resource for entrepreneurs like you to bounce back effectively from the COVID-19 effects on the local business sector. Connect with us to start regaining lost profits today!

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